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OCP box

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Black powder painted cold rolled steel
Modular design, 144 fibers with LC adapters
Sliding modules

High Density 1U MTP®/MPO Patch Panel

The High Density 1U Patch panel is specially designed to fill high density cabling systems in data centers and telecommunication environments.

This rack mountable MTP® patch panel can be loaded to provide up to 144 fibers using 36xLC QUAD adapters as well as other capacities (including 72 or 96 fibers) all pre-connected to 12 or 24 MTP® fibers within a space-saving 1U profile.

PVC Reinforced Furcation Tubing

PVC 3.0mm Fiber Optic Reinforced Furcation Tubing


Fiber Optic Cable Furcation Tubing

About us

Abalone Technology Group (Abalone) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cables, passive components, and accessories used in telecommunications and data networks with more than 20 years of experiences. Our mother company is based in Hong Kong and our sales headquarter and factory are in the Optics Valley of Wuhan. We manufacture high quality products according to European and American standards.

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Surpass ourselves and meet new opportunities and challenges in 2024 – Abalone Technology Group End Year Party concludes successfully

On January 28, 2024, Abalone Technology Group held an End Year Party. In the opening speech of the annual meeting, the company leaders fully affirmed our work and placed high hopes on our future. He emphasized the company’s values and mission, and hoped that we wo……

High-speed cabling solution for 800G data center

With the rapid advancement of technology, data centers are developing at an unprecedented speed. The demand for high-speed data transmission is growing exponentially, resulting in the need for efficient and reliable cabling solutions. DAC ,AOC,ACC and AEC are play a vit……

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