Network Digital Intelligence Transformation ODN is Bound to Take the Lead

In the 2019 FTTH Conference, Huawei officially released the QuickODN solution for the 10G PON era. Featuring efficient planning, quick deployment, and digital operation and maintenance (O&M) capabilities, the solution helps operators build 10G PON infrastructure networks and pave the highways for transmitting multiple services, thereby realizing an upward business spiral for the fiber broadband industry.

According to the Huawei global industry vision (GIV) 2025, the total number of global connections will reach 100 billion by 2025, and the Internet will cover 77% of world’s population. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is the mainstream mode for future network construction. However, the FTTH development level varies with regions. Operators face three major challenges in implementing the FTTH strategy, namely low planning efficiency, long construction period, and high O&M cost. To address these challenges, Huawei released the QuickODN solution to help operators efficiently plan and quickly deploy FTTH, and implement digital O&M for PON networks.


As an alternative to Huawei, Abalone launched a Pre-connectorized Proposal in 2022.The main advantage of quick ODN is that no fiber splicing is required in the field, as all fusion splicing and subsequent testing is done in a vendor’s factory setting. This means field installation can be done more quickly and less expensively, with more predictable results. The products are even designed to allow subscribers to connect their homes to a FTTH Q-ODN junction box via a supplied pre-connectorized optical cable, without any involvement of the service provider.Next we will talk about the quick ODN solution in detail.

quick ODN solution


    • Robust environmental performance, withstand extreme in temperature and conditions
    • Technical-friendly features ;intuitive design for ease of use
    • Meet IP68 waterproof level
    • Used for 1:8 equal and 1:9 un-equal splitter application
    • Plug and play, easy operation to save TCO


    In addition to the pre-connectorized box, Abalone can also provide a full range of solutions, such as outdoor patch cord and fiber distribution boxes. The difference between Abalone’s solution and Huawei’s solution is that Abalone’s solution does not have a QR code, but compared to Huawei’s solution in terms of price have great advantage, you can choose according to your needs, and Abalone’s engineering team can also make plans for you according to your needs, providing one-stop service.

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