SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2023丨Abalone American Cable TV Exhibition Concluded Successfully!

From October 16th to 19th, 2023, the 2023 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo (American Cable TV Expo) concluded successfully in Denver, USA. Abalone demonstrated its outstanding innovative products and forward-looking solutions at the exhibition, and was recognized by industry professionals.

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Abalone has attracted a large number of exhibition visitors and industry professionals with its high-quality products and solutions. Present at the booth are Abalone’s torpedo-shaped closure, which debuted overseas for the first time, and self-developed OTO kits and other products, which demonstrate Abalone’s outstanding capabilities in technological innovation and market insight.

IP68 Torpedo-Shape Closure


  • Sealing mode: Waterproof rubber sealing strip
  • ABS plastic with high strength for better reliability and sealing   performance
  • Enough space for winding and storing fibers
  • IP68 rated for water and dust ingress protection
  • Save installation time and improve work efficiency


IP68 MST Box:


  • Compared with the fiber fusion splicing and pre-terminated design used in conventional optical distribution networks, the performance is more reliable, the operation is simpler, the personnel requirements are lower, the efficiency is higher, the cost is lower, and subsequent maintenance is also convenient;
  • Compared to the pre-terminated design, single-handed operation reduces the intensity of personnel working at high altitudes and improves the safety of operations;
  • Plug and play design, it can be unlocked with a gentle pull, no need to worry about threads not being tightened or over-tightened, it is efficient and reliable;
  • Compatible with opti-tap connectors, providing more cost savings

1U 144F high density patch panel:


  • The patch panel is a high density pull-out type with injection molded guide rails to avoid direct contact and friction of sheet metal parts;
  • The distribution frame tray is designed to be hovered at a certain angle to facilitate on-site construction and maintenance;
  • Internally equipped with 12 MPO module boxes, the module boxes are injection molded, which has a lower cost and a more beautiful appearance compared to sheet metal production;
  • The module box fixing and unlocking methods are both press operations, making the operation more convenient;
  • The module box can be installed in a variety of ways according to on-site construction conditions.

OTO kits


The unwinding OTO Kit is made up of a box with a socket and optical fibers (from 1 to 4 fibers) of different lengths. Easy to operate, it is an economical choice to build the fiber home network.

  • Material: Corrugated cardboard
  • Fast unwinding of the OTO and pre-connectorized cable
  • Suitable for E2000, SC, SC APC, LC and LC APC
  • Simple structure and easy operation

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In addition, Abalone conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations with partners from various overseas countries during the exhibition, further broadening market channels and laying a solid foundation for future cooperation and development.


Abalone’s success in this exhibition is due to its team spirit of continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence. The company actively promotes technology research and development and market innovation, is always customer-oriented, and strives to provide customers with the best solutions. Abalone expresses its heartfelt thanks to all the people from all walks of life who supported and paid attention to the exhibition. We will continue to be committed to innovation, continue to promote the development of the industry, and provide customers with better products and services.

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