High-Density 19″ 1U Ultra MPO Fiber Optic Patch Panels

  • Easy installation: Module can be installed
  • Rack mounting 19” standard size, light weight
  • Patch panel design guide rail and easy pull out
  • Cassettes are used with HD Fiber Optic Rack-mount
  • All types pigtail available for installation

The High Density 1U Patch panel is specially designed to filite high density cabling systems in data centers and telecommunication environments. This rack-mountable MTP® patch panel can be loaded to provide a maximum of 144 fibers using 36xLC QUAD adapters as well as other capacities (including 72 or 96 fibers) all pre-connectorised to either 12 or 24 fibers MTP®, within a space -saving 1U profile.

1U 19″ Ultra High Density Fiber Optic Patch Panel provides versatility and flexibility with a fully modular solution for a variety of fiber optic patching, terminating and splicing applications, which is designed for 10G/40G Data Center Fiber Network.



  • Field-termination with high-accessibility sliding and tilting drawers
  • Pre-term installation with simple fixed shelves and cassettes
  • Modular system for managing fiber connections
  • Up to 144 fibers capacity in 1U
  • High-performance and flexible implementation for Data Center
  • Easy for management and operation
  • Sprayed surface treatment process



1U HD Fiber Enclosure with MPO Cassettes application
1U HD Fiber Enclosure with MPO Cassettes application
connect with communication equipment
1U HD Fiber Enclosure with MPO Cassettes application
Data center infrastructure

Parameter of 1U HD Fiber Enclosure with MPO Cassettes

Compatible adapters  LC/MTP-MPO
19 inch rack fitting 1U
Weight (empty)  1.9kg
Weight (packaged)  2.5kg
MTP/MPO Entry     X4
IP Rating IP20
Material 16 gauge cold-rolled steel
Dimensions (panel only)  W: 424mm; H:44mm; D: 222mm