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We manufacture high quality products according to European and American standards.

Pre-terminated Outdoor Cable

Supertap® MPO 12F 5.0mm LSZH Pre-terminated Outdoor Cable

NSN Boot LC Duplex Outdoor Cable

NSN Boot LC Duplex 2F LSZH Outdoor Cable

PDLC Outdoor Cable

PDLC Outdoor Cable

TDS-AS-09-005-IP67 FULLAXS LC Outdoor Cable

FULLAXS™ LC Duplex Outdoor Cable

TDS-AS-09-002-IP68 ODVA LC-LC Armored patch cord

ODVA LC-LC Armored Outdoor Cable


Super Mini Uni-tube Blown Cable GCYFXY


FTTR hybrid composite cable


Central Tube Type Flat Outdoor Cable (1F)


GYXTSH Armored Cable


Multi-usage Cable PE black G652D Fiber


Multi-usage Cable PE black 12/24F


96F Preconnectorized Blown Cable


1F Simplex LSZH G657A2 Cable

Self-Supporting Butterfly Drop Cable

Indoor FTTH Self-Supporting Drop Cable

0.9mm Tight Buffer Single-mode OS2 Cable

Single-mode 0.9mm Tight Buffer OS2 Cable

Single-Jacket & Armored

12F, Single-Jacket Armored 50/125 µm

Double Jacket Multi Loose Tube Cable

 Uni Loose Tube Dual Jacket Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Air Blown Fiber ABF

Air blown fiber Cable ABF

Ribbon Fiber Cable

Ribbon Fibre Cable Multi Loose Tube 864 Core

Tight Buffered PDC, 4-24 core, Singlemode or Multimode

Tight Buffered (4-24 Fibers) Distribution Cable

GYFS Water Proof Steel Tape Armored Fiber Cable

Outdoor All Dry Armored Fiber Optic Cable GYFS

Indoor Distribution Cable

Fibre Optic Breakout Cable 4-24 Fibres

Duplex Zip Twin Fibre Cable

Zip Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable 2mm

Toneable Flat Drop Cable

Toneable Flat Drop Cable

Pre Terminated Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Pre Terminated Outdoor Multimode Fiber Optic Cable LC


16 Channels Loose Tube Distribution Fiber Trunk Cable

Fullaxs Waterproof LC fiber Cable

Fullaxs IP67 Rated Outdoor LC fiber patch cables