PVC 3.0mm Fiber Optic Reinforced Furcation Tubing

  • Aramid reinforced for added mechanical protection
  • UL94 V-0 material options
  • 12 colors options
  • Jacket material options include Hytrel®, LSZH, PVC
  • Lead time: 5 days

Tiny fibers are protected from harm by furcation tubing, also known as jacketing. Typically, the color of the tubing represents the type of fiber optic patch cable. Singlemode fiber is made of yellow tubing, multimode fiber is made of orange, and polarization-maintaining fiber is made of blue. Dark tubing keeps visible light out of the fiber’s length. With lightweight, flexible aramid yarns, the cable is flexible and easy to handle. With 12 strands, subunits are only 2mm in diameter.


Features and Benefits:

  • Dual-layer construction
  • Aramid strength members for tensile resistance
  • LSZH jacket for use in racks and cabinets
  • Standard orange outer tube color
  • Available in 12 colors on request
  • Available in a range of lengths


PVC Reinforced Furcation Tubing application
Connectivity where protection of bare optical fiber is required
PVC Reinforced Furcation Tubing application
For use in directly connectorised assemblies
PVC Reinforced Furcation Tubing application
ldeal for use with Fan-Out kits

Parameter of PVC Reinforced Furcation Tubing

Parameter Unit Value
Storage Temperature -20 to 60
Installation Temperature -20 to 60
Operating Temperature -5 to 70
Transport & Storage Temperature -25 to 70
Nominal Dimensions Inside Diameter/Intermediate Diameter/Outer Diameter* mm 1.1/1.5/2.1
mm 1.2/1.7/2.8
mm 1.2/1.7/3.0
Nominal Weight (3.0 mm) kg/km 4
Maximum Tensile Load (long term) N 150
Minimum Bend Radius (handling) mm 30
Minimum Bend Radius (installed) mm 50
Coil Length km Up to 2
Plywood Drum Dimensions

Flange, Barrel, Width @2km (3.0mm)

Drum Weight with Cable @2km


mm (approx.) F630, B300, W330
kg (approx.) 16

Other tube sizes available upon request