Fiber Optic Cable Furcation Tubing

  • Protect Fiber Optic Cables
  • Colored Tubing for Quick Fiber Type Identification
  • Black Furcation Tubing for Light-Sensitive Applications
  • Lead time:5 days

Polymeric single-layer furcation tube. Available in Hytrel, LSZH, and LSZH-FR, the tube is flexible enough for any application. Is used to build bare optical fibers to protect them and allow them to be terminated with connectors. Furcation is available in all 12 industry-standard colors and in a variety of sizes. Inner tubes are available in specific sizes to accept either bare or buffered fibers.


Features and Benefits:

  • Compact construction
  • Standard black outer tube color
  • Available in 12 colors on request
  • Available in a range of lengths


Fiber Optic Cable Furcation Tubing application
Connectivity where protection of bare optical fiber is required
Fiber Optic Cable Furcation Tubing application
For use in directly connectorised assemblies
Fiber Optic Cable Furcation Tubing application
ldeal for use with Fan-Out kits

Parameter of Fiber Optic Cable Furcation Tubing

Parameter Unit Value
Storage Temperature -20 to 60
Installation Temperature -20 to 60
Operating Temperature -5 to 70
Transport & Storage Temperature -25 to 70
Nominal Dimensions Inside Diameter/Outer Diameter* mm 0.6/0.9
mm 1.0/1.3
mm 1.4/1.9
mm 2.0/3.0
Nominal Weight (3.0 mm) kg/km 6
Minimum Bend Radius (handling) mm 45
Minimum Bend Radius (installed) mm 60
Coil Length km Up to 2

Other tube sizes available upon request