24F MTP® Cassette OM3 LC to 2 MTP Standard Male

  • MTP® & MPO standard compliant multi-fiber connector
  • 12 and 24 fiber versions
  • LC & SC adaptor interface
  • Modular design to be fit in 1U and 3U panels
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • High performance zirconia sleeve adaptors

Pre-Terminated Cables24 available for sale MPO cassette module / MTP® for modular chassis 3 slots in 1U 19-inch rack. Available for purchase with LC connector configuration in OM3.Se used to interconnect backbone MPO / MTP® to LC or SC interfaces for patching connectors. These cassettes MPO / MTP® are a quick and efficient way to deploy a breakout with MTP® connectors factory terminated and tested to facilitate field work.

This Fiber Optic Cassette Module kit includes 2x pre-terminated MTP® -12 to 12x LC Duplex 50/125 multimode OM3 fiber optic harness cable, an MPO adapter in back, 12x LC duplex adapters in the front and the cassette module that the fiber is routed and connected inside of it. The MPO cassette module is built with high-quality components to ensure overall network reliability,The cassette module can be mounted in 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U 19” multi-slot MPO fiber panel or enclosure.



  • Efficient, fast and reliable plug & play one-person installation
  • Allows for quick network reconfiguration in the event of moves, adds and changes
  • No need to splice, cleave or polish when installing
  • 100% Pre-tested Compact and Rugged Design


MTP to LC fanout Cassettes application
MTP to LC fanout Cassettes application
MTP to LC fanout Cassettes application
MTP to LC fanout Cassettes application
MTP to LC fanout Cassettes application
MTP to LC fanout Cassettes application
High density fiber cabling system

Parameter of MTP to LC fanout Cassettes

Parameter Value
Fiber count 24 F
Fiber mode OM4, OS2
Dimension (mm) 101×152.2×33
Front Connector Type LC duplex
Rear Connector Type MTP
Gender Male
Polarity  AF
Insertion loss 0.4 dB (Max)