3U High Density 19” Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel

  • Lower Cable Costs
  • Scalability
  • Improved Management
  • Reduced Cable Clutter
  • Changeable Modules Inside
  • Easy for management and operation

The High Density 3U MTP®/MPO patch panel is specially designed to filite high density cabling systems in data centers and telecommunication environments. This rack-mountable MTP®/MPO patch panel can be loaded to provide a maximum of 288 fibers, is made of 19″ cold-roll steel box, with plastic splice tray inside, suitable for pigtail, ribbon and bunch cable distribution.

3U Patch Panel, additional options include a 1U, 2U and 4U versions. This is a full LGX compatible patch panel that accommodates LGX adapter plates  MTP/ MPO Cassettes. These units have a pull out tray and offer full access from the front and rear.



  • 19″ Standard Size, Light Weight and Robust Structure
  • Sliding-type with Ergonomic design,convenient installation and maintenance
  • Radius protected patch cord routing,easy for the cable management and improved density
  • Improved design to ensure fiber optic cable bend radius not less than 40mm
  • Optional High Performance MPO Connectors Available


3U High Density 19” Rack Mount  application
3U High Density 19” Rack Mount  application
3U High Density 19” Rack Mount  application

Parameter of 3U High Density 19” Rack Mount

Dimension(mm) MPO Max.  Capacity Material
435*225*133 4 Cassettes / U 288 FO Cold rolled steel 12pcs MPO cassette