Anchoring Clamp for ADSS Drop Cable 4-7mm

  • Simple and fast installation requiring no tools
  • Suits to all field configurations
  • Possible to mount on pole line hardware with open or closed eye
  • Mechanical traction resistant
  • Supports industrial duty tension
  • Corrosion resistant

Abalone anchoring clamp is self-adjusting and designed to anchor ADSS optical fiber cable transmission lines. The clamp consists of self-adjusting plastic wedges, which clamp the optical cable without damage.

Wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance archived by a wide product range and different models of ADSS anchor clamps.

The stainless steel bail allows the installation of clamps on pole brackets or hooks.

ADSS tension clamp called FTTH cable drop clamp is designed for dead-ending of 4-7mm diameter round drop cables deployed on outdoor FTTH line constructions.


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • The small width of the clamp enables near-multiple anchoring
  • Self-adjustable wedge
  • Fast installation, no require other tools
  • UV resistant thermoplastic guarantee long period usage


ADSS anchor clamp 4-7mm application
ADSS anchor clamp 4-7mm application
ADSS anchor clamp 4-7mm application

Parameter of ADSS anchor clamp 4-7mm

Parameter Valve
Capacity 4-7mm
Recommended Span Length 50-70m
Strength load ≤160daN
Dimension L 245 mm, W 27 mm, H 32 mm
Material UV resistant thermoplastic