Fiber Field Assembly SC Fast Connector

  • Connector termination in less than a minute
  • No specialised tooling required
  • VFI can be used to confirm fibre is installed properly
  • Can be reused twice
  • High performance, low loss fibre optic connectors

SC fiber quick connector is a kind of quick connector for physical connection. It is matched with a group of optical fiber standard tools. It is simple and accurate to complete the standard end of optical fiber and reaching the physical stable connection of optical fiber. The assembly steps are simple and low skills required. The connection success rate of our connector is nearly 100%, and the service life is more than 20 years.


Features and Benefits:

  • Pre-polished, field installable connectors
  • No messy epoxy
  • Termination to both Ø 0.25mm & Ø 0.9mm fibre
  • Low insertion loss and back reflection
  • VFI can be used to confirm fibre is installed properly


SC Fast Connector application
SC Fast Connector application
SC Fast Connector application
SC Fast Connector application
Backbone networks
SC Fast Connector application
SC Fast Connector application

Parameter of SC Fast Connector

Parameter Valve
Insertion Loss Standard Premium
typical≤0.3dB max≤0.5dB typical≤0.25dB max≤0.45dB
Return Loss ≥50dB(UPC)≥55dB(APC)
Applicable optical cable 2.0×3.0mm
Working wavelength SM :1310nm/1550nm
Repeatable assembly 10 times
Mechanical Durability 1000 times
Applicable Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Cable tension  ≥30N