Multiport Fiber Terminals Box IP68 Watertight connectors

  • Multilink Surelight IP adapters
  • Rigid input and output ports
  • Up to 8 SC output couplers or 16 LC outputs
  • 4 input ports available
  • O-Ring seal design

FTTX Enclosure is a new economic fiber distributed solution for outdoor use. Compare traditional products, FTTX Enclosure is easy to operate and has high compatibility. It can be used for wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installation, based on different situation. FTTX Enclosure not only used in FTTH field, but also used in FTTA or other harsh environment.

The OCP Fiber Terminal splitters are designed to accept a single fiber that can be split into 4 to 16 ports using a 1×4 to 1×16 splitter. The splitter design reduces the amount of distribution cables lowering the initial cost.



  • Angled outlet adapters for easy access to ports
  • Available in 4 to 16 ports configuration
  • Reduced installation and maintenance time
  • IP68 rated for water and dust ingress protection
  • Durable UV resistant construction
  • Mounting hardware included for pole, aerial, or wall
  • RoHS and REACH materials compliant



OCP Box IP68 Watertight connectors  application
OCP Box IP68 Watertight connectors  application
OCP Box IP68 Watertight connectors  application

Parameter of OCP Box IP68 Watertight connectors

Item Parameters
Dimension L×W×H 365*137*90mm(Without cover) 375×142×120mm(With cover)
Cable type Hybrid or non-hybrid
Round cable OD 5.0mm to 14mm
Flat cable dimension 4.6×8.9mm
Cable jacket material LSZH, PE or TPU
Bending Radius 20D
Cable crush resistance  200N/cm long term
Tensile strength 1200N long term
UV resistance ISO 4892-3
Number of PLC 1to 2pcs
Number of fusion protection sleeve 1to 24pcs
Protection Grade IP68
Working Temperature  40℃~+80