Fullaxs IP67 Rated Outdoor LC fiber patch cables

  • Factory terminated , no tools required
  • Designed for harsh environment application
  • Customized cable length, and fiber type
  • 5.0mm,7.0mm cable optional
  • RoHS and REACH materials compliant

FullAXS is a IP67 rated outdoor connector to have protection LC duplex connectors from dust and water for remote radio units and FTTA connectivity. This FULLAXS (LC) Outdoor Cable Assemblies is commonly used in someEricsson Remote Radio Heads, the shell encloses duplex LC connectors. Plugs directly into SFP at panel of RRH. FULLAXS is a sealing system for optical and electrical interfaces which mates directly into the SFP modules through a bulkhead construction.



  • Open bulkhead for easy access to SFP
  • IP67 water, dust proof and corrosion resistant
  • Plug has tolerance free design, free floating on Z-axis
  • The material in the jumper cable is all-weather and UV-resistant
  • Mechanical performance: IEC 61754-20 standard
  • RoHS and REACH materials compliant
  • 100% Compatible with FULLAXS Connectors and has site technical features ﹡Bulkhead cutout allows for removal of transceiver through the bulkhead



Fullaxs Waterproof LC fiber Cable  application
Fullaxs Waterproof LC fiber Cable  application
Multi-purpose Outdoor
Fullaxs Waterproof LC fiber Cable  application
For connection between distribution box and RRH

Parameter of Fullaxs Waterproof LC fiber Cable

Parameter Valve
Insertion Loss Typical value≤0.15dB;Max≤0.25dB Typical value≤0.15dB;Max≤0.25dB
Return loss ≥55dB(UPC),  65dB(APC) ≥35dB(UPC)
Attenuation ≤0.35dB/km(1310nm), ≤0.21dB/km(1550nm)
Cladding diameter 125.0 ±0.7μm
Coating diameter 235-245μm
Temperature -25-+7012cyeles
Humidity +40 at 93%, 96h duration
Cable torsion 15N for 2 to 3mm cable