Horizontal Optic Splice Closure 16 Ports IP68

  • Long-lasting body with high-strength PC plastic material
  • Protection rating IP68
  • High quality ABS plastic
  • Usable for multiple numbers of times
  • Lower and upper cases with a sliding locking

Horizontal Splice Closure 16 Ports IP68 is an essential part of the fiber optic network. In short, the closure is used to protect fiber splicing, store loose cables, distribute cables, etc. FOSC can be installed on aerial, pole, wall, duct mounting, and directly buried.

The fibre splice closures are made of the high quality material and with the mechanical sealing structure filled with the sealing material. It can be reopened and reused without changing sealing material, also can be installed aerial, wall-mounted or directly buried.



Features and Benefits:

  • Horizontal mechanical sealing and advanced internal structure
  • Engineering PC plastic with high strength for better reliability and sealing performance
  • Enough space for winding and storing fibers
  • Good sealing performance after re-entry and re-use
  • Save installation time and improve work efficiency


Fiber Optic Splice/Patch Terminal application
Fiber Optic Splice/Patch Terminal application
Fiber Optic Splice/Patch Terminal application

Parameter of Fiber Optic Splice/Patch Terminal

Parameter Valve
Dimensions(HxWxD) 560*245*180mm
Cable Entry Ports 16
Cable Diameter In/Output Round 23mm*2 / Round 20mm*2 / Round 16mm*4 / Round 14mm*8
Max. Tray Capacity 8 Trays 8 Trays 5 Trays 5 Trays
Tray Dimensions 160*122*10mm 258*154*11mm 258*154*14mm 270*163*15mm
Fibers/Tray 12-24F 24-48F 144F 216F
Max. Capacity 192F 336F 720F 1080F