IPFX IP67 Rated LC Duplex Outdoor Patch Cord

  • Blind mate and scoop proof interface
  • Mates to standard LC simplex or duplex assemblies
  • Easily installs without special tooling
  • No internal jumper needed
  • Direct connect to active device (SFP, SFP+, RJ)

The system is designed to provide IP67 dust and water protection when connector and receptacle are mated or with dust caps installed.
Plug cap includes integrated pulling eye for easy installation.All assemblies come with an weatherproof connector on one end and weatherproof connectors or standard connectors on the other end.

Cable assemblies can be easily installed into a panel by using an adapter.
LC-IPFX assemblies are exceptionally suited for WiMax, LTE, wireless, wireless backhaul and base station applications.



  • No tools required for insertion or removal
  • Bayonet style or threaded locking mechanism
  • Designed for harsh environment applications
  • Tethered cap and flexible boot eases installation
  • 5.0 or 7.0mm jacket sizes available for all connector formats.
  • Different cable types are available upon request


IP67 Rated LC  Patch Cord application
IP67 Rated LC  Patch Cord application
For connection between distribution box and RRH
IP67 Rated LC  Patch Cord application
Multi-purpose Outdoor

Parameter of IP67 Rated LC Patch Cord

Parameter Valve
Insertion Loss SM MM
Typical value≤0.15dB;Max≤0.30dB Typical value≤0.15dB;Max≤0.30dB
Return loss ≥50dB(UPC), ≥60dB(APC) ≥30dB(UPC)
Cable count 2
Out sheath diameter 7.0±0.3mm
Weight (KG) 68
Minimum allowable tensile


600N (Short term), 1000N (Long term)
Minimum allowable crush  load(N/100mm) 2000N (Short term), 3000N (Long term)
Minimum bending radius (MM) 20D (Short term), 10D (Long term)
Temperature -20℃-+70℃
Humidity +40℃ at 93%, 96h duration
Cable torsion 15N for 2 to 3mm cable