ODVA LC duplex IP67 Protection Waterproof Patch cable

  • Compact design with 2×1.25mm ferrules
  • Built-in socket with square or hexagonal flange
  • Extension connector for cable chaining
  • Screwed locking mechanism
  • Easy and safe intallation
  • Water proof,dust proof and corrosion resistant

ODVA LC Waterproof Patch cables, together with IP-67 rated compact RRH/RRU Helix cover connectors that have fast coupling. these patch cables are always sealed with rugged fiber terminal junction boxes that meet the requirements of more antennas on a wireless tower.With the development of distributed antenna ODVA systems(DAS), connectors has become a standard interface for the new generation wireless base station linked to the FTTA equipment that set up outdoor environment.

This The ODVA LC fiber cable meets IP67 environmental sealing ratings and is the ideal choice for a low cost and easy to use solution in Industrial, Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA), or any other harsh environmental applications. The dust cap is the ideal way to protect ruggedized patch cords from exposure to elements or accidental damage when not mated to an outlet in your ruggedized cabling system.


  • Ruggedized sealing system for Fiber-to-the-Antenna and industrial applications
  • Provides moisture and dust protection for use in harsh industrial environments
  • IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof
  • Sealed panel feed-through design for easy installation into enclosures
  • 100% optically tested to ensure quality performance assemblies
  • Available in single mode and multimode styles to work with any common fiber type
  • High shock, vibration, and mechanical resistance





 IP67 Protection Waterproof Patch cable application
 IP67 Protection Waterproof Patch cable application
 IP67 Protection Waterproof Patch cable application

Parameter of IP67 Protection Waterproof Patch cable

Parameter Valve
Insertion Loss Typical≤0.15dB;Max≤0.30dB Typical≤0.15dB;Max≤0.30dB
Return loss ≥60dB(APC), ≥50dB(UPC) ≥30dB(UPC)
Cable Count 2
Out sheath Diameter 5.0±0.2 mm
Min. Tensile Strength 400N (short term), 800N (long term)
Min. Crush Load 2000N (short term), 3000N (long term)
Min. Bending Radius 20D (short term), 10D (long term)
Storage Temperature -20℃-+70℃
Humidity +40℃ at 93%, 96h duration