Fibre Optic Breakout Cable 4-24 Fibres

  • Choice of fiber type
  • Individual aramid yarn strength members
  • Lightweight and compact
  • LSZH jacket
  • Lead time: 5 days

Breakout Cables are constructed of up to 24, 2mm simplex cables stranded around a central strength member. Each simplex has its own aramid yarn strength member and jacket. These sub-units are wrapped in polyester tape and jacketed in LSZH. LSZH-FR and CPR upon request. The 24 fibers are numbered for easier identification during installation, while the ripcord makes for easy jack removal. Metal free, this breakout cable is ideal for indoor cable installation, particularly for horizontal or collapsed backbone cabling run in a fiber raceway.


Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of fiber type
  • Individual high-strength aramid yarn strength members for ease of handling
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • LSZH jacket (FR and UV resistant)
  • CPR upon request



Indoor Distribution Cable application
Indoor Distribution Cable application
Backbone networks
Indoor Distribution Cable application

Parameter of Indoor Distribution Cable

Parameter   4Core LSZH 6Core LSZH 8Core LSZH 12Core LSZH 24Core LSZH
Outer Diameter mm 7.0 8.2 9.4 11.8 14.1
Max. Load (installation) N 500 1000 1100 1400 2300
Max. Load (installed) N 270 600 700 800 1100
Min. Bend Radius (installation) mm 140 160 190 240 280
Min. Bend Radius (installed) mm 70 80 95 120 140
Operating Temp. -20~60 -20~60 -20~60 -20~60 -20~60
Crush Resistance N/100mm 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000