Zip Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable 2mm

  • Compact rugged construction
  • LSZH sheath
  • Providing 30cm stripping for quick termination
  • Mini zip twin: Nylon tight buffered
  • Lead time: 5 days

Zip Duplex fiber optic patch cable is constructed with two simplex units joined together with a central web. Ideal for use in office LAN connections, and patch cords. pigtails and internal point-to-point links where frequent handling is likely (e.g. data cabinets, equipment rooms, user outlets), Utilising 600μm or 900μm buffered fiber, the cable is suitable for use with industry-standard connectors and can be easily made into patchcord.


Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of fiber types
  • Choice of cable outer diameters
  • High strength Kevlar yarn, high performance outer sheath
  • Good mechanical and environmental performance
  • Soft, flexible, easy to installation


Duplex Zip Twin Fibre Cable application
Duplex Zip Twin Fibre Cable application
Duplex Zip Twin Fibre Cable application

Parameter of Duplex Zip Twin Fibre Cable

Parameter Value
Fiber count 2F
Fiber type G652D/G657A1/G657A2/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5
Tight buffer Material LSZH
Color White/Orange
Diameter(mm) 0.9±0.05
Strength member Material Kevlar yarn
Outer sheath Material LSZH/LSZH-FR
Color Customized
Diameter(mm) 2.8±0.1*5.6±0.2mm
Outer Diameter(mm) 1.6*3.3 1.8*3.7 2.0*4.1 2.8*5.7
Weight(kg/km) 4.6 5.2 7.2 14
Installation Temperature(℃) -20~60
Operation temperature(℃) -20~60
Min Bending Radius(mm) Long term 10D
Short term 20D
Max. Load(N) Installation 140 160 160 250
Installed 70 80 80 120
Crush Resistance (N/100mm) 1000