How Much Do You Know About MPO/MTP Patch Cord?

MPO (Multi-Fiber Push-on) is the first generation of clip clamping multi-core optical fiber connectors. MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd., which is an advanced version of MPO, with better mechanical and optical performance. They look alike and are completely compatible and intermate able.

MPO optical fiber patch cord plays an important role in the growing number of optical communications due to its large number of cores, small size, and high transmission rate. It can meet the high-density wiring scheme of data centers.

MPO fiber optic jumper is composed of connectors and optical cables. It is a high-density fiber optic transmission jumper. MPO connector is one of the MT series connectors. It is a multi-core, multi-channel plug-in connector. MT series ferrules use two guide holes with a diameter of 0.7mm on the left and right sides of the ferrule end face. pin (also called PIN pin) for precise connection.

MPO fiber patch cord products mainly include MPO pre-terminated fiber patch cord, MPO branch fiber patch cord, and MPO sector fiber.


What are the common MPO core numbers?

The most common MPOs are 8F, 12F, 16F, and 24F.

12F MPO fiber patch cord is used in 40G network, and 24F MPO fiber jumper is used in 100G network. 16/32-core MPO fiber optic connector is the best solution for low-latency and ultra-high-speed transmission of 400G network.

What is MPO Male and Female?


MPO fiber optic connectors include optical fibers, sheaths, coupling components, metal rings, pins (PIN pins), dust caps, etc.

The male header contains two PIN pins, but the female header does not.

The connection between MPO connectors is precisely aligned through PIN pins. When docking, you need to hear a “click” to make sure it is locked with the adapter.

What are the three polarities of MPO?

There are three different MTP/MPO array patch cords defined in the TIA standard. The three different cables: Type A, B and C are used for the three different connectivity Methods A, B and C respectively.


MPO patch cord application solution



What are the advantages of MPO patch cord?

(1) The small size allows the wiring aperture to be increased, thus greatly increasing the wiring density and saving space.

(2) Modular design, plug and play, saving installation time.

(3) According to different configuration requirements, corresponding structures can be selected to meet different wiring needs.

(4) It has excellent optical and mechanical properties and low insertion loss in high-speed network environments.

MPO fiber optic connectors and fiber patch cords provide a simple and easy-to-manage fiber optic cabling solution and are widely used in FTTH and data centers that require high-density integrated fiber optic lines.