Optical Splitter 1×8 Bare Fiber Steel Tube No Connectors

  • Small size, high reliability
  • Excellent Quality Chips
  • A wide operating wavelength
  • Good channel-to-channel uniformity
  • Exquisite Packaging
  • Simple and Easy Connection

Bare fiber splitter is a kind of ODN product suitable for PON networks that can be installed in the pigtail cassette, test instrument and WDM system, which minimizes the space occupation. It is relatively fragile on fiber protection and need a complete protection design on carrying box body and device.

Bare PLC splitter also can be easily installed in fiber splice closure or fiber splitter distribution box for space saving.It offers a cost-effective and space-saving networking solution in an optical transmission system.



  • 1×2 bare splitter, unconnectorized
  • Optical Signal Distribution
  • 250μm ITU G.657A1 for fiber input/output Data Communications
  • Low polarization dependent loss
  • Good channel-to-channel uniformity
  • Low Insertion Loss and high Return Loss
  • Environmentally and mechanically stable



Bare Fiber Optical Splitter1 in 2 out  application
Bare Fiber Optical Splitter1 in 2 out  application
Bare Fiber Optical Splitter1 in 2 out  application

Parameter of Bare Fiber Optical Splitter1 in 2 out

Ratio Unit 1×8
Fiber type G657A1
Operating Wavelength nm 1260~1650
Insertion Loss* (include PDL) Typical dB ≤13.6
Max dB 13.7
Uniformity Max dB 1.2
PDL Max dB 0.3
Return loss dB ≥55
Directivity dB ≥55
Length M IN&OUT 1M
Case size approx. mm 45×4.5×4.0
Operation Temperature °C -40 ~ 85