Uni Loose Tube Dual Jacket Armored Fiber Optic Cable

  • Loose buffered micro-module
  • Inner sheaths: LSOH-FR (1) CPR-compliant material
  • Rip Cord: Facilitates easier stripping of outer sheathing
  • Rigid strength members: Dielectric FRP strength members
  • Outer jacket: Black PEHD with the low friction coefficient

Colored fiber is positioned in the LSZH subunit jacket. The jacket is filled with a water-resistant filling compound and wrapped by a layer of the flexible mental tube to enhance the crush resistance of the cable and anti-rodent, and then add a layer of water-blocking glass yarns as a strong unit to keep the cable compact and watertight, ripcord sets outside yarns for 6 to 12 cores, finally into fiber optic cable with an outer sheath.


Features and Benefits:

  • Crush resistance and flexibility
  • Special tube-filling compounds ensure the critical protection of fiber
  • Small bending radius, light weight, flexibility, and friendly installation
  • Good mechanical and environmental performance
  • Long delivery length
  • Low smoke, zero halogens, and flame retardant sheath


Double Jacket Multi Loose Tube Cable application
Double Jacket Multi Loose Tube Cable application
Double Jacket Multi Loose Tube Cable application

Parameter of Double Jacket Multi Loose Tube Cable

Parameter Value
Fiber count 2/6/8/12
Fiber type G652D/G657A2 OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5
Waveband 1310/1550nm 850/1300nm
Attenuation 0.36/0.24 dB/KM 3.5/1.5 dB/KM
Inner sheath Material LZSH
Color White
Diameter(mm) core0.9±0.05  6/8/12 core:1.5±0.1
Outer sheath Color Yellow
Diameter(mm) core4.6±0.2  6/8/12 core: 6.0±0.2
Storage and Operating temperature() -20~70
Min Bending


Static 15D
Dynamic 30D
Max. Tension Long term 400
Short term 1000
Max. Crushing



Long term 1000
Short term 3000