16 Channels Loose Tube Distribution Fiber Trunk Cable

  • All cables are 100% tested for insertion loss and back reflection
  • Available in industry standard lengths in meters
  • Multiple end configurations
  • Colors dependent on the end configurations
  • All assembly’s jackets are a PVC construction

Trunk cables like fanout pigtails are designed both for indoor and outdoor.. Our trunk assemblies have a wide range of OD’s and are all factory terminated, ensuring excellent performance and efficiency.

SM Trunks are built in counts from 4 to 288+ fiber, with custom breakout lengths and connector types. We stock both standard and bend insensitive SM glass types. Trunks can be delivered in coils or on spools with pulling eyes attached to speed up installations.Our stellar reputation in the industry stands firm on our promise of delivering unmatched response times and product turn around.


  • Reduction in overall cable diameter by an average of 18 percent across all fiber counts
  • Decrease in weight of trunks by an average of 47 percent across all fiber counts
  • Full line of high quality singlemode and multimode fiber optic cable assemblies
  • Single-mode assemblies have a cable diameter of 2.0 mm
  • Multi-mode assemblies have a cable diameter of 3.0 mm




96F Optical Fiber Trunk Cable application
96F Optical Fiber Trunk Cable application
96F Optical Fiber Trunk Cable application
Telecom central offices

Parameter of 96F Optical Fiber Trunk Cable

Parameter Valve
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB(1310nm&1550nm)
Return loss ≥45dB(1310nm&1550nm)
Cable G657A1, Single-mode, 16core with 250um Fiber, OD 7.0 mm, yellow LSZH sheath
Connector 2.0mm, SC/UPC, Single-mode Fiber Connector, blue body, blue hood
Protective Flexible Protective Tube with2.0mm for OD, yellow LSZH
Transition Black, model: 7.0-2.0(16C)
Identifier Red, blue, green, yellow, violet, white, orange, grey ,Red single black stripe, blue single black stripe,  green single black stripe, yellow single black stripe, violet single black stripe, white single black stripe,  orange single black stripe, grey single black stripe