12F MPO/ MTP® to 6x Duplex LC Fanout Cable 2.0mm

  • Quick installation time
  • Singlemode & multimode performance
  • Ensure optimum interconnect performance
  • Interferometer tested
  • Quality controlled factory
  • Easy to use MTP® brand connector

Fiber consolidation is always attractive, especially in the HD (High-Density) environments where the 12 fibers MTP®( MPO) fanout cable can be an excellent fit, is s designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles.

MTP fanout/breakout cables are the ideal connection to patch panels and data distribution routing. They can be made with both 12 fiber MTP connectors and 24 Fiber MTP® connectors.

A variety of options are available and include MPO/MTP® to LC, SC, ST, and FC fiber optic patch cables.



  • OFNR UL-rated cables extruded from Corning fiberglass
  • High Density design cuts down on installation costs
  • Ultra high fiber count cabling solution
  • Satisfies client’s needs in different industries
  • Factory-terminated provide consistent quality, high performance and reduce installation time


MTP to LC fanout cable OM4   application
MTP to LC fanout cable OM4   application
MTP to LC fanout cable OM4   application
Backbone networks

Parameter of MTP to LC fanout cable OM4

General Values
Model Standard Premium
Connector Type Singlemode Multi-mode Singlemode Multi-mode
Insertion Loss (each channel) ≤0.5dB ≤0.5dB ≤0.5dB ≤0.35dB ≤035dB ≤0.35dB
Return Loss (each channel) ≤40dB ≤55dB / ≤40dB ≤55dB /
Test Wavelength 1310nm 850nm
Durability ≤0.2dB at 200 cycles
Operating Temperature -20°C~+70°C