8 Ports FTTH/FTB Distribution Box with Lock IP 65

  • Material: ABS or PC+ABS
  • IP65 protection degree
  • It supports up to 24 cores
  • Maximum capacity: 8 SC simplex, 8 LC duplex

FTTH/FTB Distribution Box 8 ports are suitable for 12 fiber optic adapters or 1 to 8 insert optical splitter. It offers a high density for its small size. Which integrates the splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and connection of fiber optic cables in a solid protective case. The fiber optic distribution box is used as a power cable termination point for connection to the drop cable in the FTTx network system.


Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for fusion splicing or mechanical splicing
  • IP65 protection degree
  • It supports up to 24 cores
  • UV resistant, water, wet and dust proof
  • Efficient cable management
  • Splitter can be installed as an option
  • 1 cable entrance, 4 to 8 drop cable output ports
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • Mid span application


FTTH/FTB Distribution box application
FTTH/FTB Distribution box application
FTTH/FTB Distribution box application

Parameter of FTTH/FTB Distribution box

Item Parameters
Max. Capacity 4SC, 8LC, 1×8 PLC 8SC,8 Duplex LC, 1×8 BlocklessPLC
Size 191*120*44 213*163*47
Installation size 185*93 /
Color Pantone 428C
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB
Return loss ≥50dB(UPC), ≥60dB(APC)
Life of insertion and extraction >1000 times
Protection Grade IP65
Material ABS
Working Temperature  -40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity  ≤85%(+30℃)
Air Pressure 70~106KPa