Outdoor All Dry Armored Fiber Optic Cable GYFS

  • Rodent protection, termites burrowing, and other animals
  • Excellent crush resistance and flexibility for outdoor cabling
  • Water blocking glass yarn
  • Strong water- and hydrolysis-resistant loose tube that protects fibers
  • Lead time: 5 days

Round duplex cable uses two tight buffer fibers as an optical transmission medium, covered with water-blocking glass yarn as a strength unit to keep the cable watertight. And then extruded LSZH/LSZH-FR sheath. Induct and outdoor aerial use, GYFS supports the core network, access network, and FTTH system. Flexible tubes containing optical fibers are made of high-modulus plastic and are filled with dry water-blocking compounds. In point-to-point and point-to-multipoint fiber installations where cables are split from the backbone, it is anchored around the central strength member to create a cable core with a water-blocking function.


Features and Benefits:

  • High strength water blocking glass yarn
  • Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath
  • Good mechanical and environmental performance
  • Soft, flexible, easy to installation


GYFS Water Proof Steel Tape Armored Fiber Cable application
GYFS Water Proof Steel Tape Armored Fiber Cable application
GYFS Water Proof Steel Tape Armored Fiber Cable application

Parameter of GYFS Water Proof Steel Tape Armored Fiber Cable

Parameter Value
Fiber count 2F
Fiber type G657A2
Tight buffer Material Reinforced high-temperature-resistant material
Color Red/Blue
Diameter(mm) 0.9±0.05
Strength member Material Water Blocking Glass Yarn
Jacket Material LSZH
Color Black
Cable Diameter(mm) 4.8±0.1
Cable weight (Kg/km) Approx. 24.5
Installation Temperature(℃) -20~60
Operation Temperature(℃) -40~75
Storage Temperature(℃) -40~70
Min Bending Radius(mm) 20mm
Attenuation (dB/km) ≤0.4 at 1310nm; ≤0.25 at 1550nm
Tensile Strength(N) Long term 300
Short term 450
Crush Load 100mm plate 3000 N/100mm
25mm steel mandrel 4000 N
Safety UL1651
Flame propagation UL1666
Water Penetration (IEC 60794-1-2 F5B) 1m, 24h